words. (paperflowers) wrote in netflix,

queue management anyone?

I'm not sure if this has been discussed here before or not....but....
My in laws recently moved in with us and have TAKEN over our Netflix account.  There are now FOUR HUNDRED NINETY NINE movies and show in the queue.  What is the POINT of even having all of that CRAP in there?  Might as well just scroll through the genres, right?  So annoying.  Not to mention, where I used to get good recommendations for things I might be interested in watching, now I get a bunch of crap that I have no desire to watch.  

Is Netflix EVER going to give us any kind of option for using folders in our instant queue?  Seriously, does no one else out there have families who share a Netflix account?  Is this option available somewhere that I just don't know about?
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